Esther Starkman School Enrolment changes for 2014 - 2015

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students,

Esther Starkman is a Kindergarten to Grade 7 School that serves the communities of Leger, Terwillegar Towne, Terwillegar South.

It is the mission of Esther Starkman School to “ensure high levels of learning for ALL of our students.” We want our students to think, problem solve and apply the knowledge they learn so that they are exceptionally well prepared to succeed in our ever changing world. To that end, our staff works as a professional learning community engaging in job embedded professional development on a weekly basis. Our teachers are learners themselves, constantly improving their instructional practices and collaborating to create a diverse and rewarding classroom experience.

Esther Starkman is a community school that places great value on creating positive relationships with our parent community. We believe education is a partnership between parents and the school, we therefore strive to provide parents with up to date and relevant information regarding their child’s learning. Daily, through SchoolZone, our parents will receive all the information they require to participate in their child’s school experience.  

On behalf of the staff,  I welcome you to Esther Starkman School.  We hope that your experience at Esther Starkman is rewarding and will cause you to believe as we do, that this truly is a school of “Excellence!”


Greg Kushnir

"Ensuring High levels of learning for all student"


The 3 Big Ideas: 

Focus on Learning

- something is not taught unless the student has learned it. 

Focus on Collaboration

·   we are not an isolated collection of teachers under one roof, rather we are a team that works interdependently to achieve common goals 

Focus on Results

·   it is the results of our efforts that we are concerned with.  If we are not getting the results in student achievement that we are expecting, then we will change our actions to get different results.

4 Key Questions:


1.   What do we want students to know?

2.   How do we know if students have learned what we want them to?

3.   What do we do when students do not learn what they are supposed to learn?

4.   What do we do when students already know what they are supposed to learn?








ASAP Information

  • ASAP refers to the Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement project
  • The P3 Initiative is a provincial Public Private Partnership
  • Six Edmonton Public Schools ASAP schools opened in September 2010
  • Three more ASAP schools will be opening in September 2012. Michael Strembitsky School will accommodate Kindergarten to Grade 9 regular programming.
  • Consolidated schools into single package: design, construction and maintenance (30 years)
  • Owned and operated by school boards
  • Contractor does all maintenance for 30 years
  • Available for Joint Use Agreement (community use) after hours

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