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School Council and Parent Association

Esther Starkman School Council

At Esther Starkman School, every parent or guardian is automatically a member of our School Council.   Parents are encouraged to attend our regular meetings as they involve a valuable exchange of ideas on a number of school specific and general educational matters.   School Council can be contacted at this address: esscexecutives@gmail.com

School Council meetings will be held the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM.

School Council Members:
Chair:                    Mike Lanteigne
Vice-Chair:             Suzanne Reynolds
Communications:    Charley Sayer
Parent Parking Patrol: Suzanne Reynolds

Parents in Education: Terri Saunders

School Council AGM Meeting Minutes


Esther Starkman Parent Association

School Parent Association meetings are usually held directly after the School Council Meetings.

Parent Association Members
Chair:                Lisa Andrech
Co-Chair:           Tony Blackburn
Treasurer:          Melissa Lungle
Casino Chair:      Wendy Reddekopp
Secretary:          Nola Schwabenbauer

Parent Association Bylaws


Partners in Education

Parents play an important role in supporting their child in learning and shaping the way they view their education.  Learn Alberta has developed a quality resource to assist parents in their child’s education entitled "My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource".  This resource is intended to help parents develop an understanding of the Alberta Curriculum to better support their child in learning.  For more information about the Alberta Curriculum please visit the Alberta Education Website

Family and Community information. Click on link to open.