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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS SEPTEMBER 4, 2018.  Class lists will be posted in the school hallways at 8:10 am.
For the 2018-2019 year Esther Starkman will have all grades, from Kindergarten to 9.  For information on pre-enrolment please follow this link:  http://www.epsb.ca/schools/register/
New Students living in Terwillegar Towne:

•  Terwillegar Towne is the primary attendance area for Esther Starkman school.

•  All students who live within the primary attendance area will be accepted regardless of the grade they are entering if they can provide proof of residency. Examples of proof of residency are: Bill of sale for your house, utility bill with name and address, rental agreement with name and address.

•  New kindergarten registrations will be accepted at Esther Starkman beginning on February 1, 2018. To apply you will need to bring proof of residence and proof of age.  Please come to the school to fill in the application.

New Students living in Terwillegar South West and Elsewhere:

•  Esther Starkman School has an optimal enrolment limit of 950 students.

•  All enrolment decisions regarding students from outside of our primary attendance area will be made with this number in mind.

•  Space availability will be determined on a grade by grade basis. For example, space may be available in kindergarten but not in grade 5.

•  South Terwillegar West will be the secondary attendance area for Esther Starkman School.   Students living in this attendance area will be accepted as space permits.

•  Parents of kindergarten students living in South Terwillegar West can come to Esther Starkman and fill out an application form from February 1st until April 16th, 2018.

•  Available space will be determined on April 16th after accommodating all kindergarten students from our primary attendance area (Terwillegar Towne).  Students living in Terwillegar Southwest will then be given priority.  If there are still available spots, then we will be accepting students from outside of our primary and secondary attendance boundaries.  

•  If more applications from outside our primary attendance area are received than we have space to accommodate, all secondary applications will be sent downtown and a random selection draw will be conducted by the district on April 25th.

•  Random selection draws will be conducted on a grade by grade basis to fill available space.

•  Students who are successful in the random selection draw will be enrolled at Esther Starkman. Students who are unsuccessful will have their applications forwarded to Lansdowne School.

•  Once a student is accepted into Esther Starkman they will be able to attend through Grade 9 without having to go through random selection again.

Please see under the Attendance Area section below the new maps outlining the Esther Starkman attendance area which now includes South Terwillegar West as our secondary area.  
Would you like to learn more about our school?
We'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Give us a call.