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"Ensuring High levels of learning for all students"


The 3 Big Ideas: 

Focus on Learning

  • something is not taught unless the student has learned it. 

Focus on Collaboration

  • we are not an isolated collection of teachers under one roof, rather we are a team that works interdependently to achieve common goals 

Focus on Results

  • it is the results of our efforts that we are concerned with.  If we are not getting the results in student achievement that we are expecting, then we will change our actions to get different results.

4 Key Questions:


1.   What do we want students to know?

2.   How do we know if students have learned what we want them to?

3.   What do we do when students do not learn what they are supposed to learn?

4.   What do we do when students already know what they are supposed to learn?

 Pyramid of InterventionEsther Starkman Student Rights and Responsibilities